Frame Building 201 . . . We’re not taking the easy route.

I promised pictures of the frame-making process, so here they are.  But first, let me introduce you to Sasha.  She’s my friend’s roommate’s dog, and she’s awesome!
Okay, here’s how I made my frames, step by step.

First, I glued and nailed L-shaped trim to a 1"x3" piece of lumber. *Note- Make sure the nails you're using don't poke through either side, otherwise they'll be sticking out of your frame, or won't allow the panel to sit flat on the inside of the trim.

Notice the painted wood. This is the trim that overlaps the very outside edges of the painting. The 1"x3" lumber is right on top of it, so it covers the sides of the panel. I cut the pieces at 45 degree angles, created the frame, fit the panel inside, then nailed the frame to the panel. The 45 degree cuts make the corners look neater and more precise.

After I attached the frame to the panel, I filled in the seam between the L-shaped trim and the 1"x3" with wood filler and sanded it down. Twice.

...Painted it... I stuck paper underneath the trim that fits over the edges of the painting so I didn't get any on the panel. 'Douchebag' glass with drink of choice is necessary to create a good frame.

And now it looks like this!

I made a few/a ton of mistakes along the way.  My best advice… Make sure you KNOW you’re attaching the right pieces and cutting things at the right angles.  I accidentally used a piece that I cut about 1/4″ too short.  I left the good one on a table to take pictures of it for my blog!  Anyway, I was able to hammer out the bad piece and insert the correct one so my panel fit inside the frame.  Whew.  Also, don’t be afraid to draw on the trim if you have trouble remembering what angle to cut at.  You can always erase pencil, or just paint right over it.  I feel like if I can do this, anyone can.  On the real!

I also took some pictures of a small painting today.  This big guy kept getting in my way though.

Mr. Hugo Bigman

That’s one of my dogs, Hugo.  He’s half poodle half golden retriever and the biggest doofus ever.  You’ll probably see pictures of my other dog Gidget sometime in the near future.  Anyway, here’s that painting.


WAIT, that’s not it!  DECKED was AWESOME!  We had the Opening Reception this past Friday.  If you couldn’t make it out, we’ll be open for 2nd Fridays on March 9th from 6-10.  I’ll post pictures after this Friday’s event.

That’s it for now!  Get out there and make some frames, people!


Pictures for each post?

I wish I had a few more things documented via picture for you… I promise I’ll have more next time.

This past weekend I met up with my friend Jessica so we could make frames for some paintings.  …3:30 am rolled around and I only had one made, definitely used too much wood putty, and had not even painted it.  Heh.  I guess that’s what happens when 1) you’re not too good at measuring, and 2) you’re not so good with power tools.  No better time to improve on those things than now I s’pose.

I didn’t exactly make the process easy for myself though.  First, I attached some L-shaped trim to the outer corners of the painting.  It makes a small border around the actual painted image and bends to cover a portion of the sides.  It also covers some imperfections on the edges of the painting.  My panels are about 1.75″ deep, so the L-shaped trim wasn’t wide enough to cover the outside edges.  In order to cover the sides, I attached 1 x 3 pieces of wood on all sides, on top of the L-Shaped trim.  This might be hard to follow, so next time I make a frame like this I’ll definitely take pictures of the process.  Anyway, once everything was put together, the frame created a small border overlapping the edges of my painting and also gave it a clean finished appearance.  Me likey.

When I give it the final sand and some paint this weekend, I’ll post some pictures.  I plan on making the same kind of frame for other panels.

What else…

I saw Tennis last night at Lincoln Hall!  L.H. is one of my favorite venues in the city.  It’s clean, has great sound, tickets are reasonably priced (around $15), and there’s not a bad seat in the house.  They also have Lagunitas IPA on tap.  …I think that’s what really won me over.  Since I’m lacking pictures, here’s one of Tennis’ new singles. FYI they sound just as good live as they do on the album!

Well, I guess I’ll leave you with that, and I’ll post on Thursday for sure.  We’re installing ‘Decked’ on Wednesday at the gallery, so I’ll put up some installation pics for ya.  Promise!

Ta ta!

Ready, Set, Blog!

I feel like I should have done this months ago, wait no, years ago.  I finally started my own blog.  I’m excited to give a glimpse of what I make, what I see, what I hear, and what I’m up to.  With that said, let’s start here and now.  Okay? Okay.

Soo.  This is what I’ve been working on lately.  Lots of panels, lots of future paintings.  There better be plenty paintings, I’m preparing for a show in June!

Panels, and paintings, and push pins oh my!

Also, I’m in the middle of curating and organizing a skateboard-themed exhibition titled DECKED at Black Cloud Gallery.  I’m Co-Owner and one of two Resident Artists there.  Anyway, I was sort of skeptical of the idea, because I’ve seen skate shows done so many times.  Luckily, my pal Ariel over at Small Town Skate shop in DeKalb suggested we host Character Skateboards’ 10 year anniversary party and display a retrospective of their deck artwork.   I feel like this was exactly the kind of display or angle that would set this show apart from other similarly themed ones.  Here is a link to Black Cloud’s blog, which everyone (Clarke, Dana, Matt, and myself) contributes to.  Check it out!  Submission info for DECKED can be found in that post, too.  You have ’til the 22nd to send us jpegs of your work for the show, so get on it!

Thanks for checking my blog out, and I hope you come back and visit!