Black Cloud Gallery is proud to present Embody. Paintings by Jennifer Cronin, Black Cloud’s Resident Artist Matt Maniscalco, and Ian Mitchell Wallace will be on display throughout the month of April. All three artists offer various takes on contemporary figure painting.

Featured in New American Paintings, Jennifer Cronin’s most recent work is about personal fantasy and escape amidst everyday experience. Her large scale oil paintings are re imaginations of everyday life, based on often small, seemingly insignificant frustrations. They are about what a mind does with what it is given.

In contrast to Jennifer’s cerebral take on figure painting, Matt Maniscalco’s paintings of DIY punk/hardcore shows display physicality and chaos. The unrelenting energy and emotion that circulates during these performances informs Maniscalco’s paintings. Geometric shapes, places, and colors disrupt the background scenes and provoke as sense of tranquility. The two subjects within each painting compete for the viewer’s attention while…

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