New Year New You

…This is what I kept (drunkenly) repeating on New Years Eve, and I’m pretty sure it’s happening in all the best ways.  It sort of took me a while to feel like I’ve been making changes or accomplishing anything because I was so focused on finding a job.  Looking back though, I think I did a HECK of a lot of work!  To sum things up, in the past year I’ve become part owner of a gallery, curated two awesome looking shows there, completed an internship at a pretty cool print shop, ran two half-marathons, launched this here blog, and FINALLY received a job in the city. Not too shabby, eh?  It feels good to look back, and I like it.

I have a feeling some BIG changes will happen once I get in the swing of things at the new job, and once my future roommate Caitlin comes back to the Land of Lincoln.  …She’s in Colorado ’til the end of her school year.  Just wait… You’ll be hearing about some future projects we have planned.  Can. Not. Wait. for things to get rolling.


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