Making Things and Going Places

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but almost every time I go to an art show I see someone I know.  This past Friday I went to a show titled Bleed Heart Bleed at Design Cloud in the West Loop.  Matt had a painting there, and surprise surprise, so did my old roommate, Trina White.

Trina and I at Design Cloud

Seeing this show has sort of motivated me to paint a little faster, and a little more.  All good things.  The studio is in a great location and there was a good amount of people there, too.

Remember the picture of an in progress painting in my first post?  Here’s what it looks like now.  C’est fini! (It’s finished!)

One For Two, Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 24" x 24", 2012

Also, I picked up some cheap frames and stuck my little painting right in one.  The frame makes it look so much better!  …Excuse the major glare in the upper right hand corner.

Leftover 1, Gouache on Cardboard, 4.5" x 6", 2012

That’s all I have for now.  I’ll be back real soon, promise.


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