Ready, Set, Blog!

I feel like I should have done this months ago, wait no, years ago.  I finally started my own blog.  I’m excited to give a glimpse of what I make, what I see, what I hear, and what I’m up to.  With that said, let’s start here and now.  Okay? Okay.

Soo.  This is what I’ve been working on lately.  Lots of panels, lots of future paintings.  There better be plenty paintings, I’m preparing for a show in June!

Panels, and paintings, and push pins oh my!

Also, I’m in the middle of curating and organizing a skateboard-themed exhibition titled DECKED at Black Cloud Gallery.  I’m Co-Owner and one of two Resident Artists there.  Anyway, I was sort of skeptical of the idea, because I’ve seen skate shows done so many times.  Luckily, my pal Ariel over at Small Town Skate shop in DeKalb suggested we host Character Skateboards’ 10 year anniversary party and display a retrospective of their deck artwork.   I feel like this was exactly the kind of display or angle that would set this show apart from other similarly themed ones.  Here is a link to Black Cloud’s blog, which everyone (Clarke, Dana, Matt, and myself) contributes to.  Check it out!  Submission info for DECKED can be found in that post, too.  You have ’til the 22nd to send us jpegs of your work for the show, so get on it!

Thanks for checking my blog out, and I hope you come back and visit!


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